Landscape Design Springfield MO


An example of a landscape design drawing done by Nature's Image, in Springfield, MO

Tired of our plain, old and boring landscape? Planning on getting a new landscape?  Visualizing a new garden?

Nature’s Image specializes in large scale projects, and our team of planners helps bring your landscape dreams to life. Our designers are passionate about their designs and coordinate the installation to ensure your vision is carried out to the last detail. Our staff is well coordinated and each one of them is delegated with a task that would ensure the success of the project.  We do not just create aesthetically beautiful landscapes, instead we make sure that it is functional as well and you get to enjoy your outdoors.  Giving you the relaxation you badly need after a day’s work.

For example, a client who comes to us with a request for a meditation garden and pool modeled on oriental designs will come away with the following:

  • A design for the water feature, including inflow, outflow, and water filtration considerations.
  • A design for the hardscape aspects of the project, including the basin of the pool and the stonework around the edges of the pool, with possible options for statues or free standing stone structures.
  • A list of all plants to be included in the garden and the pool.
  • A plan indicating where the plants are to be planted for best representation of the garden style the client wishes to emulate.
  • A design for your landscape lighting will be carried out to completion.

We have perfected the craft of creating your wonderland for you.  We have developed a process that would surely result to success with the project of building your dream landscape:

  • We make sure that you, the owner is part of the design process.  Of course, it should be your wishes that needs to be worked on, right?  We are going to meet so you can give us your visions or whatever plans that you might want to have.
  • We provide you with the quality, cost and schedule for the project.
  • We make sure that redesigning is unnecessary because we are going to get the project right the first time around.  This would eliminate additional costs to you.
  • Our team will coordinate every aspect of the project from its conceptualization to the finished project.

Our landscape design can include water features, hardscapes and/or landscape lighting

So if you have any plans or dreams for your landscape be it filled with water features, hardscapes or landscape lighting, contact us and we can definitely complete a design for you and make sure it is built and completed according to plan.  We pride ourselves in carrying out the task and making sure the customer is satisfied with our work.  By simply contacting Nature’s Image, you get yourself worry-free landscaping thus giving you the satisfaction to savor and appreciate the garden you have always dreamed of.