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Landscape Lighting


You’ve done everything to make your house and yard look first-rate by completing your landscape with all the water scapes and hardscapes.  You spent thousands of dollars to create that pristine and beautiful lawn.  So why would you let all that disappear at night?  With proper landscape lighting, you can definitely showcase the beauty of your property?

Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance any feature in your garden or existing landscape. It adds to the beauty, character and safety of your home or office. Custom outdoor lighting designs from our exterior illumination design team give you the best options for your patio, water fountain, or other landscape feature in need of illumination. You can showcase a certain feature or the focal point of your garden with the use of proper lighting.  For nighttime lighting, early morning lighting, or lighting for areas with strong shadows, Nature’s Image is able to help you choose and install the perfect lighting system.

Low voltage lighting is an option that reduces cost while providing a beautiful look. We will help you determine the best low voltage and outdoor lighting for your home garden, patio, front yard, or backyard. You can also enhance the exterior of an office building with recessed lights to spotlight trees, walkways, or sitting areas. With the use of a step-down transformer, there’s no limit to the effects they can achieve, from ethereal moonlight beamed down from a tree canopy to a subtle glow that washes over a low garden wall. More than just picking the right hardware, a pleasing lighting scheme is also about artistry. Some of the options we provide are as follows:

  • Ambient Outdoor Lighting – Soft lighting with more bulbs at more frequent intervals in an area, giving a less aggressive lighting option.
  • Outdoor Floodlights
  • Outdoor Spotlights
  • Security Lighting – Motion sensor lights or lights that stay on all night
  • Moon Lighting

Unlike plastic/metal kit lighting, our lighting systems are comprised of architectural grade components engineered to resist corrosion, allowing for long term durability.

What areas should you light?

  • Pathways are important both for safety and for beauty, mixing directional path lights with ambient lighting within the landscaped bed for a natural look.
  • Patios are where we spend time with family and have conversations, so diffuse downlighting from above gets that moonlit effect without blinding people.
  • Trees are an ideal candidate for uplighting or crosslighting. You can also create downlighting effects and aim them downwards to the patio.
  • Water features can be lit as well since many landscape lights are meant for underwater use.
  • Architectural elements on the home can also be lit to great effect.

With the experience and expertise of our staff at Nature’s Image, you can be sure that you will achieve the ultimate ambiance and functionality of your lighting.  Call us at Nature’s Image so we can start planning on your night time wonderland.