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Fixing a broken lawn – Say goodbye to ugly lawns forever.

Fixing a broken lawn – Say goodbye to ugly lawns forever.

Blog 🕔August 26, 2015

Having beautiful plants mean nothing if you have a nasty lawn. There are many factors why your lawn may be looking poor despite your many efforts to keep it at its best. There may be pests that are present in the soil, thus preventing your lawn from looking green and luscious. The soil may also be of poor quality, and when it comes to your lawn, your choice of soil can make or break you. Water and moisture level is also a factor; if your soil is poorly drained, it will most likely look poor. Lack of sunlight and incorrect mowing may also contribute to a horrible looking lawn.

So what can you do to keep your lawn looking great? Here are some steps that you can take to make your lawn the envy of your neighbors:

• Discover the problem – If you think you have pests present in your lawn, take the necessary steps to control and prevent them. You may call your local pest control company or do it yourself. Have your soil tested as well. Soil should be tested for its pH level and chemical composition; otherwise, replacing your lawn will be futile if your soil is not of good quality. Soil testing is not that expensive, compared to you replacing your grass every so often.

• Give your soil some vitamins – After testing your soil if it has the right nutrients for your grass to grow, it is still advisable to give additional nourishment to your lawn. Adding a layer of organic fertilizer will not only improve soil quality, but will also boost your lawn’s lifespan.

• Start from scratch – If more than half your lawn is looking dreadful, it may be better to start from scratch. Kill off the remaining grass using an environmentally-friendly herbicide. This is especially important if your lawn or any nearby plant has a history of being infected by disease. It will prevent the disease from spreading to your new lawn.

• Practice proper mowing techniques – Mowing to short can add to plant stress and may damage the crown of the plant, which is responsible for its regrowth. Not mowing enough will crowd the plants and make them compete for nourishment. On the average, mowing to a height of 3 to 3.5 inches ensures that your grass gets the proper shade and nourishment it needs.

• Take precautions – Weeds and pests are the bane of existence of great-looking lawns. Make sure that your lawn is pre-treated with herbicides and insecticides to prevent the occurrence of weeds and pests. Check your lawn every often for signs and symptoms of infestations.

• Aerate your lawn – Soil compaction is one issue that can contribute to a poor lawn. Every once in a while, aerate your lawn. This will avoid soil compaction and will also make sure that proper moisture and oxygen levels are reached by your plant’s root system.

Hopefully these steps can help you achieve that lawn you’ve been dreaming of. But when everything else fails and you are in desperate need of lawn repair, call the experts. We at Nature’s Image Landscape design have years of experience in dealing with lawn problems. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your lawn will be looking its best for a long time. (417) 724-8774

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