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“Help! My lawn is looking brown!” – Knowing When and How to Reseed your Lawn

“Help! My lawn is looking brown!” – Knowing When and How to Reseed your Lawn

Blog 🕔October 22, 2015

Summer may bring about very harsh weather conditions, making the grass on your lawn wilt and turn brown. Aside from the weather conditions, there are many factors why your lawn may not look as good as you hoped it would. Some of the most common causes of poor lawns are:

  • Pests and Plant Diseases – A variety of plant pests and diseases may be the culprit why your lawn is looking patchy. Grubs and bugs may have inhabited certain areas of your lawn, turning it brown. Fungal diseases may also be the cause why your lawn is looking unhealthy.
  • Damage Due to Inhabitants – Whether we like it or not, our presence and habits may have a detrimental effect on our lawns. Even our pets can contribute to the overall state of our lawns. Some people are unaware that using dull lawn mowers have a negative effect on grass growth, as well as the use of certain chemicals. Animal urine from our pets may also contribute to the poor condition of your lawn.
  • Overall Growing Conditions – The overall state of your garden and the soil where your lawn is planted play a great role on how your lawn will turn out. Factors like soil erosion, soil quality, buried debris (especially old wood chips), and moisture levels need to be analyzed.

Knowing the cause of a poor looking lawn is only the first step. The next step is taking action depending on the cause on why your lawn is looking poor. If the lawn is looking poor due to pests or plant diseases, this needs to be dealt with first before attempting to reseed the lawn.

Most lawns that are damage due to harsh weather conditions during summer grow back by the beginning of fall. As weather conditions become less severe and as temperatures cool, new grass blades may begin to sprout from your lawn. But if in a couple of days, your lawn is still looking patchy and bald, it is time to reseed. Reseeding the lawn requires the perfect timing, otherwise, the new grass blades will not grow, and you’ll just be wasting time, effort and money.

For most regions, the beginning of fall is the best time to reseed your lawn. This is the time when soil temperature and soil moisture are at its optimum state, making the conditions perfect for grass regrowth. It is also crucial to make sure that you plant it close to the end of summer otherwise the conditions will be too cold for the new seeds to germinate.

Make sure you deal with any pre-existing conditions on your lawn before attempting to reseed or else you’ll be faced with the same issue in the near future. As soon as you’ve dealt with those factors, you may try to reseed by taking note of these simple steps:

  • Clean off any debris – Old leaves, wood chips, dead grass, and other debris need to be removed from the area you want to reseed. These materials may cause nitrogen depletion in the soil when they decompose, making it impossible for the new seeds to grow.
  • Wash the area off with water – Do this step especially if you have pets, or if you’re a fan of using chemicals in your garden. This will ensure that there are no urine or chemical residues on the area you want to reseed.
  • Put a layer of compost – Place a layer of compost approximately 2-3 inches and level it with the back of a rake. This will make the soil rich and ensure growth of the new seeds.
  • Dampen the seeds – A day before you plant the new seeds, it’s ideal to dampen it to kick start the germination. Mix the seeds with the same amount of damp soil a day before laying it over the compost.
  • Cover with another layer of compost – Make sure to cover the seed-soil mixture, and water the area, but make sure the seeds are not washed away in the process.
  • Water, water, water! – A few days after making the layers, make sure that the area is well-watered. This will guarantee the growth of the seeds. Don’t overdo it, though. May be enough water twice or thrice a day will do the trick.

Lawns play a great part in your property. They increase property value and they add curb appeal to your home. Lawn maintenance is very tricky, and most of the time, it is better to seek help of professionals. Nature’s Image Landscape and Design has years of experience in handling all sorts of lawn maintenance issues, and we guarantee to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Call us now for your lawn maintenance needs. (417) 724-8774.