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Landscape Inspection – Know what you are buying

Landscape Inspection – Know what you are buying

Blog 🕔September 18, 2015

Whether you are buying your first home, or selling your property to move to a bigger space, you should always pay close attention to landscaping. They say that in real estate, the kitchen sells the home, but remember that landscaping is the “welcome mat” of the property. It gives that first impression that a piece of property is well-kept, and it also provides curb appeal, which is very important in buying and selling homes. Of course, the structure of the home is your priority, but you should also take the landscaping into consideration. Many buyers have made the mistake of purchasing homes with below average landscaping with the notion that it can be an easy fix in the future, only to find themselves trapped with it forever. A few dollars saved from a seemingly good deal today in exchange of thousands of dollars in landscaping improvement in the future.

Landscaping inspection does not only answer the question of aesthetics, but also functionality, safety, and security of future homeowners. There can be a long list of underlying health and safety issues that can be lurking within your future home’s landscaping. Be very careful in choosing a property, especially if you would want to call it your home for the next few years.

Here are some things you need to inspect for in a landscaping:

  • Drainage – check if the landscaping of the property allows for proper drainage, especially if you are buying in an area with frequent rains. Faulty drainage may lead to bigger issues in the future like leaks in the basement and weakening of the structure’s foundation. Check for the grading around the structure to ensure sufficient drainage.
  • Plants – check for plants that may cause future damage to your property, like vines, shrubs, mosses, etc. If there’s someone in your family who has known allergies with certain plant species, it is also a good idea to check with a certified arborist which plant species are present in the property to avoid future mishaps. Trees and shrubs should be inspected for potential dangers like falling or low-lying branches, decaying tree branches/trunks etc. Plants should also be checked for signs of present or previous plant diseases, since it may be carried over to new plants you may want to bring in.
  • Hardscaping – check for structures like retaining walls, gazebos, patios, walkways, etc. for any safety hazards. This is especially important if you have children and pets that may be placed in harm’s way if this aspect is not inspected.
  • Water features – if the property you are purchasing has a water feature like a pool, a pond or a fountain, make sure that everything is well-maintained and functioning. Check for the drainage and filtration system of these water features as this may cause damage and expenses in the future.
  • Pests – check the property for any signs that there may be pests present in the property, especially larger pests like moles, raccoons, squirrels, mice, etc. This may pose threats to smaller children and your own pets in the future, not to mention the damage it may bring to the property itself. Check for burrowed soil, mounds of debris that looks like a nest, an ant colony, a beehive, etc. Contact your local pest control company for assistance.
  • Exterior lighting – check if the outside area is well-lit and if the sockets and wirings are well-maintained. This may be a future fire hazard to the property so it must be inspected thoroughly. Make sure all walkways are sufficiently lighted, both for aesthetics and security.

Let’s face it, no property is perfect the first time you see it. Each property has one or two imperfections that may make you think twice about buying it. The important thing is to detect early on what potential problems it may cause in the future so that you don’t have to spend thousands on repairs and damage control. Our years of experience in landscaping make us expert when it comes to landscape inspections. Nature’s Image can definitely assist you in making your decision in buying that dream house, or in making sure your home is sold to top dollar. Call us today for your landscape inspection needs. (417) 724-8774