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Landscape Lighting – Illuminating the beauty of your garden

Landscape Lighting – Illuminating the beauty of your garden

Blog 🕔July 14, 2015

Flowers and grass give beauty to your garden under the daylight, but at night, they need help from lighting.  Everything looks better at night with the proper lighting. Aside from adding to your property’s aesthetics, it adds security to your property. Night activities are also possible with the proper landscape lighting, and it makes your garden accessible during at nighttime. Property value also increases if your landscaping is paired with functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting. For businesses that need to extend operation at night like hotels and restaurants, perfectly planned landscape lighting also helps set the proper mood.

Lighting has been used in gardens and courtyards from ancient times. It enabled the Greeks and Romans to have gatherings in their courtyards at night. Of course, during those periods, the lightings used were from fire: torches, candles, lanterns, bonfires. With the discovery of electricity and the invention of the light bulb, light fixtures have extended its use from indoor to outdoor lighting. And with constant advancements in technology and higher demand for sustainable energy, even outdoor lighting can now be powered by solar power and energy efficient fixtures.

Landscape lighting may be powered using conventional and renewable (solar) sources. Nowadays, even rechargeable batteries can be used for some fixtures. The more traditional lightings like fire-based fixtures (candles, lanterns, fire pits, torches) are still used by many homeowners. Natural gas and propane-fuelled lamps are also still being used.

Your choice of lighting depends on your personality, and depends on which features in your garden you’d like to highlight. If you are into a more practical use of landscape lighting, then path lights and area lights are for you. If you have a water feature, then an underwater lighting will make your landscaping truly breathtaking. Steps can be illuminated – it’s both functional and visually pleasing. Even trees can have tree lights, the surface of your walls can have lights mounted on it. The only limit is your imagination.

Today’s technology also plays a great role in landscape lighting. Fiber optics is used efficiently in rope lighting. It is a resourceful way of lighting your gardens without compromising aesthetics. LED lights are also used in many types of landscape light fixtures; LED lighting is a more energy-efficient way of lighting, as opposed to the normal incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Materials that are used for lighting are now made from materials that are weather- and corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability.

When it comes to landscape lighting, you can never go wrong with a trusted landscaping company. Nature’s Image has an excellent team solely dedicated to exterior illumination design. We offer:

  • Ambient Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Floodlights
  • Outdoor Spotlights
  • Security Lighting
  • Moon Lighting

Our team will help you decide the perfect lighting system. We’ll also make sure that we’ll find you the most efficient lighting without compromising aesthetics. Whatever your need is, Nature’s Image will make sure that you get only the highest quality of service. With our help, your landscape will be a balance of ambiance and functionality.

Contact Nature’s Image today and we’ll make your garden a nighttime haven. (417) 724-8774

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